A message from USA Vice President, Pasquale Bianculli

A message from USA Vice President, Pasquale Bianculli  

In recognition of the callous disregard shown by Verizon for the working men and women of this country, I no longer use the company’s email service. It’s my wish that this small gesture represent my support and solidarity for the CWA and IBEW unions, and for all unions across the nation. Before becoming an attorney, I worked for nearly twenty years as a union rod setter. This time left me with a life-long respect for the work done by people who are too seldom appreciated. Since their inception, American unions have been a catalyst for the nation’s prosperity; the foundation of a thriving economy. What is detrimental to an economy and to the well-being of a society is unbridled greed. It’s this same greed that is being displayed by Verizon.

Recent estimates put the company’s total revenue at 31.9 billion. And yet, Verizon is taking aim at the very people whose hard work has contributed to their success. Such actions are reprehensible and must be resisted.  Unions came to be when the working men and women of this nation united to take a stand against the inhumanity of companies and corporations. Our success was won through the plight and sacrifice of people whose names are sadly lost to us. But, the legacy remains. And it is this legacy that must never be forgotten. Together, union brothers and sisters, let’s unite once again, take up the fight and carry on the legacy that is and shall always remain the Spirit of our cause.

Forever in Solidarity,

Your Union Brother, Pat Bianculli


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