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COVID-19 Union Hotline: (267) 606-4343

The coronavirus is a health crisis that our country hasn’t previously faced. We all have workers on the front lines who are exposed to the community spread of COVID-19. There are employers who are unable to provide the adequate protective gear. The question is whether someone, while in the day-to-day tasks of their employment, becomes sick as a result of COVID-19, is entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.  

Three (3) things must be met:   

  1. The employee is exposed to the disease by reason of his/her employment;  
  2. The disease is causally related to the employee’s industry or occupation;  
  3. The occurrence of the disease is substantially greater in that industry/occupation than it is in the general public.  

We are in uncharted territories with this pandemic and continue to learn how it will impact workers. If you contract the virus, and you believe it is arising out of your work, please contact us. 


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